Migration Assistance

We provide all kind of visa services such as work permit visa services, visit visa services, spouse visa services, student visa services, temporary residential visa services, finance visa, settlement visa services, working holiday maker visa, domestic worker visa & other work visa along with consultancy for visa appeals.

Study info & Visa

There are more than 1000 college and universities all around EU, which is on our panel. Thats why admission process is really easy and fast now. if your previous visa is going to expire, you are still out of University college admission contact us to get quick response.

We have some certain requirements for admission, so would highly appreciate if you contact us when you at least have 12 years Education. For Pakistani students minimum F.A , For Indian students +2 and IELTS minimum 5.5 or Equivalent. All documents should be attested from Educational Board and Ministry of Foreign. If you fulfill these requirement then we will guarantee of your admissions.

Spouse/Family Reunification/EEA Family Visa

To obtain an EEA Family visa,Spouse or Family Reunification it is necessary for applicants to fulfill the basic prerequisites set out by Sweden/Denmark Immigration Authorities.

To qualify for an EEA Family visa there are basic requirements that must be met. In the case of spouses/partners, both parties must be at least 18 years and in a genuine relationship. In the case of other family members the applicant must be dependent on their EEA relative.

Its really easy to apply yourself but if you miss any of the document or did not fulfill the requirements while submitting the application the waiting time will be prolonged.


 Business Immigration/Work Permit

Immigration sometimes is a challenging process consisting of many details and requirements that need to be taken into consideration. The company as well as the employee must meet the specific requirements set by the local immigration authority to be able to complete the process in a resource efficient way. This is sometimes a challenge.

Our aim is to make the process as easy and trouble free for our customers as possible. We assist both the human resources department and the employees in completing and submitting all the necessary forms and supporting documentation for work permits and residence permits in a timely, accurate and professional manner.

For Business Immigration we suggest you about the business plans and even can help you to buy the running business according your personal strength. Self-Employed or Business  is always a good opportunity to settle down and invest in these countries.

Tourist/Visitor Visa

The Schengen Visa has made traveling between its  member countries much easier and less bureaucratic. Traveling on a Schengen Visa means that the visa holder can travel to any (or all) member countries using one single visa, thus avoiding the hassle and expense of obtaining individual visas for each country. This is particularly beneficial for persons who wish to visit several European countries on the same trip. The Schengen visa is a “visitor visa”. It is issued to citizens of countries who are required to obtain a visa before entering Europe. The purpose of the visit must be leisure, tourism, or business. Upon the issuance of the visa, the visa holder is allowed to enter all member countries and travel freely throughout the Schengen area. It is strongly recommended to plan your journey within the timeframe of the Schengen Visa as extensions can be very difficult to obtain, thus forcing you to leave to stay in compliance with the Schengen rules and regulations. A Schengen visa allows the holder to travel freely within the Schengen countries for a maximum stay of up to 90 days.We will help you in documentation and other requirements set by Swedish/Danish Immigration Authorities.

 Permanent Residence

You can apply for a permanent residence card after you’ve lived in the Denmark/Sweden for 5 years. This will prove your right to live in the Sweden/Denmark permanently. Rules are different for Nordic and Swedish citizens in Sweden.